Meta Quest Browser with enabling WebXR Experiments flag crashes when enter WebXR

About the bug

I found my Quest3’s Browser crashed when I tested on my Babylon.js project.

I wanted to investigate about WebXR body-tracking feature, so I turned WebXR Experiments flag on.
In my environment, WebXR Body Tracking feature was not enabled with the flag off.


  • Device: Meta Quest3
  • OS Runtime Version:
  • Browser: Meta Quest Browser
    • WebXR Experiments flag on

How to reproduce

  1. Open chrome://flags in Meta Quest Browser v33.0
  2. Turn the “WebXR Experiments” flag ON and restart the browser
  3. Open this playground → Babylon.js Playground
  4. Enter WebXR and the browser will crash

Additional info

By the way, I think this is a Quest Browser’s problem.
Rumor has it Playcanvas has same problem and I found related post on Redit


cc @RaananW

I always have this flag enabled, and never experienced any crash. Just made sure I have the latest browser installed (33). Are you able to provide the error log? Or remote debug? Would be really great to know what the error is and if we can fix it. Is it possible the quest browser team has already fixed the issue?

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Thank you so much for replying.
I’ve just checked again on my Quest Browser, the WebXR worked fine.

And then, I’ve checked Meta Quest Browser’s version, and found it different from yesterday’s.

checked timing version

It seems to be updated and the problem was fixed.
I’m sorry for troubling you!


No trouble whatsoever! I prefer checking and seeing that everything works than not knowing things are broken! :slight_smile:

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