Minecraft Style Voxel Painter Game

I made a Voxel Painter which paint Voxel block in 3d space just like Microsoft Paint paint Pixels in 2D space

Demo Link: https://hiteshsahu.com/VoxelPainter

Toggle between Free mode or Game Mode by Pressing “F” Or choose Camera mode from DAT GUI

You can walk on blocks
Player Controls are:

  • W, S, A, D or Arrow Keys to move Player
  • SPACE to Jump

Paint Controls

  • Left Click to add Block

  • Right CLick to Remove Block

  • E+Mouse Hover = Painter Mode. Just like Microsoft Paints brush

  • Q+Mouse Hover= Eraser Mode, Hoverer to remove blocks

  • 1,2,…9: choose Block Type

  • Clean-Up: remove all blocks


WOOOT!@ This is huge @PirateJC

@HiteshSahu - This is AWESOME!!! Such fantastic work as usual! I’m always excited to see what you come up with! LOL

I’m jumping the gun just a little bit, but if you’re ok with it, I’m going to add this to the list of demo considerations for the next release video!!!

Very fun!!!

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Many thanks, @PirateJC. Sure why not, that will be so cool. :slight_smile:

If you are looking for more cool demos for the next release then you are in luck. This Easter holiday I made another cool demo.

I have used Smartphone’s Acclerometer to control car motion. Try it on any Android Phone:

This car reacts to the orientation of your smartphone. ↶📱↷

  • Left & Right Phone tilt for steering the Car ↶📱↷
  • Vertical Phone tilt accelerate/deaccelerate the Car :arrow_upper_left::selfie::arrow_lower_right:

On PC controls are usual:

  • use W, S, A, D to Drive the Car

Body, hood, glass and Wheel’s rim material are fully customizable PBR Material.

The car’s glass gets cracked when you throw metal balls on it.



I am not working on this POC. I am on holidays.

Thanks, I will look into it. POC is short for Proof of Concept. lol: :smiley:

Never Heard of QED. All my seniors used to say create a POC. In JIRA, tasks were created for POC. Even in BMW they refer small demo projects as POC.

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