Mixamo -> Blender -> BJS issue

Hey all!!

Following instructions and have my character set within Blender but when I get to “Alpha_Joints_MAT”(Beta in this version) it says export v. 6.9.3 but see 2.9.3 and no .babylon file. I must be overlooking something but don’t know what it is.

Appreciate the help :relaxed:

Adding @thomlucc who did this not too long ago :slight_smile:

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Thank ya kindly :yellow_heart:

Hey @Mekaboo, I created and animated a character following tutorials and got stuck when combining several Mixamo animations into one model. Luckily, I found a video that unblocked me: Combining Mixamo animations in Blender 2.8 for BabylonJS - YouTube

Here is also the link to the documentation page I created with all the steps I went through to create and animate the character in a Babylon.js Playground: Animating Characters | Babylon.js Documentation


Hey @thomlucc :blush:

For now keeping things crazy simple since this is quite new to me so I combined the bot with the animation within Mixamo then in Blender tweaked the animation. Now just want to bring that into BJS and find a simple Woman/Man .glb file to place on.

Parts of what I saw in the step by step instructions seem to be missing in order to bring the bot into BJS from Blender.

When I did it, the trick was to export from Blender into a .glb (the video I send you) instead of exporting into a .babylon file (I am new in animations and in Blender so I needed an easy workflow to follow :slight_smile: ).

If you are following this tutorial, and it isn’t working for you, we’ll have to see how to bring more people to help you, because I went through another path by exporting into a .glb. Is this your case?


I would greatly appreciate it :yellow_heart:

I followed this tutorial and the part that I’m stuck at is the Exporter 6.2.3 because when I click the link its version 2.9.3.

I don’t mind going the .glb route

@Mekaboo Exactly what version of Blender are you using?

The Exporter 2.9.3.x is for Blender 2.93

Exporters of 6.2.x, are for Blender versions Blender 2.9 or earlier. @thomlucc 's tutorials may have been done with one of those older versions of Blender.

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Hey @gryff :relaxed:

My apologies to you, @sebavan and @thomlucc I confused myself within Blender…now I got it!! Im using the right versions just mixed things up.

Forgive this Newbie :heart:


While I did not read this whole thread, I specifically started naming my versions after the minimum Blender it works for. The last number is the exporter version for any patches. It was not worth the extra of having its own numbering.

The exporter is now a very mature system. With the yearly LTS release process of Blender, I just decided to do any enhancements / API changes to coincide with that.


@Mekaboo NP. We were all new once :slight_smile:

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile: