Mixamo blending animations

Hello everyone,

I am quite new to Babylon but I tried to blend multiple animations into a .babylon file using the documentation from the website (Mixamo to Blender to Babylon.js | Babylon.js Documentation) But unfortuantly it is not working as aspected. The Babylon file doesn’t contain any locations and I am not able to find “instances”: and if I upload the file into the Babylon Playground the screen becomes black.

With the post you can find a Screenshot of my blender file.

@thomlucc might be able to help and @gryff is usually amazing at this.

last issue to date was here Mixamo -> Blender -> BJS issue - #2 by sebavan

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I tried the other workflow of creating .glb files and this worked out I was just not certain if the same things could be achieved with the .glb file as with the .babylon file type. My main goal is to re-create this playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#BCU1XR#0

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Well TY @sebavan , I’m not sure, I’m really that good. More I try to answer from experience :wink:

@KDC : Welcome to the BJS forum :slight_smile: Hard to get a lot from the image. The boxes for “Location”, “Rotation” and “Scale” of the rig all have the correct values - but the absolute values for “Dimension” are huge. I would normally have rigs and meshes about 1/100 that size!

There is of course no “Location”, “Rotation” and “Scale” data for the mesh(es).

And looking at the top right hand corner of the image, I see no camera or light. Your camera could very well be buried inside your mesh which, if back face culling is turned on, could well make it invisible.

Could you post your Blender file so I can investigate further ?

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:


Hi KDC, for reference, I had the same issue so I created this page with the other workflow through .glb. There might be some things you can re-use.