Mobile browsers and the 60fps cap

Hi everyone!

I’ve been trying to optimize my scene for mobile devices and kind of stumbled into issue that it seems that at least Chrome is capped to 60fps, while my phone’s native refresh rate should be 90fps… Do you know if this is normal or is there some setting somewhere in Android phones to use the native refresh rate for mobile devices?

It kind of baffles me, since I would like to use browser in 90fps/native mode in regular scrolling as well… Any idea if this is going to change at some point or am I missing something? Would be nice for all kinds of games run in native speeds :grin:

another thing I noticed on Android Chrome is that the fps suddenly drops after a couple of minutes by around 50%… have you noticed this? This really hurts 3D browser apps… does anyone know why Chrome or Android does this?

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