Mode titles irregularities in WebXR Docs

I have a user interface that I was working on which uses handtracking. Now I don’t have an AR device, but am trying to at least structure the code as to not use actual hand meshes when it is an AR device. Now just seems like the time to do it.

First, I actually need to specify a uiOptions property of the options passed to the experience. Fine so far, but when I look at this doc, at the top it shows immersive-vr, while at the bottom it shows ar-immersive. It seems very unlikely that this inconsistent format or this code should work (ar already holds the result of a check):

// when both AR & VR capable; AR wins; must have some capability or would not be here
const options = {
    uiOptions: {sessionMode: ar ? 'ar-immersive' : 'immersive-vr'},

    floorMeshes: [floor],
    timeToTeleport: 3000
BABYLON.WebXRDefaultExperience.CreateAsync(scene, options).then(...)

Seems pretty minor (unless you actually such a device), but thought I would double check. The immersive-vr format works, so I am guessing the ar one is backwards?

pinging @RaananW

yep, it is incorrect. Want to submit a PR?

Done. I did have a fork of doc repo from 2017, over 4k commits behind. Just started over, since I cannot currently get 500 mbit down / 100 mbit up fiber service, due to cables being underground on my street. Pushing up all those changes on 1.5 mbit cable would take hours.

Clone the repository again. The old one was archived, and the new one is much leaner :slight_smile:

I did not actually know there was an old one, but when I cloned this morning I got the new one.

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