Model dragged into sandbox is very jagged

I drag and drop the model into address, the model node “polySurface171” has the border on, when the mouse is rotating or zooming to control the camera viewpoint change, I will see very serious jagged, turned on the anti-aliasing, the effect is still not very good, what is the solution?

Attached is the model file. (54.6 KB)

Try to set camera.minZ = 1 or similar value which will work for your case.

I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. Is there another way

It is related to z-fighting Adjust the position value of that face slightly to position it.

Thank you for answering my question. If it’s convenient, please elaborate further.

Add new mesh from Node Geometry .
After adding, the border is also jagged when turned on.

I thought it was jittering between meshes.

so I found some things that are relevant to that case, but the
Full anti-aliasing for thin lines seems like it would be hard to remove, but the

For now, GreasedLine is a good alternative .

You can try to add the default rendering pipeline and enable FXAA for better anti-aliasing.

add default rendering pipeline.after adding, enable fxaa effect is not ideal.

At this distance, anti-aliasing won’t work.

You could use thin wires, but this is not available in the inspector: