Model path in in some demos

In the Mesh Behaviors “How To…” (at least), some of the embedded demos are importing a glTF from

The github repo has changed, and these models are now in a Positive subdirectory under Output

Not sure how many things are affected.

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Hi @blairmacintyre and welcome to the forum.

A search in the playground for just brings up just the PGs with the key #8GY6J8, then those with id #17 to #179 are as you state.

Let’s see what @bghgary wants to do about it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @JohnK … (feel a bit silly for not thinking to search the playground, I’m still a bit new to Babylon, I searched the repo, but of course that doesn’t have the source to the Playground samples)

My early days with Babylon.js were spent asking question with obvious answers (but only obvious when you knew where to look) and still do from time to time.

Good spotting with the issues in the docs, there’s probably plenty more to find. You will be a great contributor to BJS and the forum in no time at all, I am sure.

Never feel silly for asking, the more you ask the quicker you learn.

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In general, we should avoid pointing directly to master on GitHub. It’s better to point to a specific commit to ensure that it sticks around (although someone can force push and still mess things up). For glTF-Asset-Generator specifically, the correct link is now on KhronosGroup.

I’m not sure why we are pointing to glTF-Asset-Generator for these examples in the docs. It would make more sense to point to something from or something that is part of the playground.

Anyone want to fix this? :slight_smile:

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