Monetization suggestions

So if one were to say have a pretty cool game and tutorial series on how to make it. How would they go about making money off of all the hard work they put in? I was thinking post it on Steam, as a buy the game for $1.99 get the tutorial for free?

Asking for a friend.

That or trying to be on some learning platforms like Zenva or CodeMentor or Pluralsight

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$19.95. That is how to make money! :smile:

(just to be clear - I have no issue with him charging a fee for the book. I might actually buy it.)

eh, that book is prolly not the target audience I am looking for. So to read it might be beneficial but prolly not gonna be able to use much of it.

And whoa $19+, good lord I wonder how many sales of the book there are. I was thinking more like platforms to launch it on. But I guess could do it like this guy and have a page dedicated to it.

I suggested this book for two main reasons :

Here are a few links that I just found:



PhoneGap / Cordova:

Universal Windows Platform:



Xsoloa ( uses this)
Xsolla Documentation - Store

I’m a newbie with all this, so I would love someone else to chime in who has some real experience.

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