Morph Target Animation\Animation Groups weird starting offset

Hi guys!

So I create an animation of a morph target and I only add the geometry that uses the morph target to an animation group (frames 0-15). Export it and it plays fine. Now I take the same geometry that utilizes the morph target and on the same timeline dupe the frames so there are now 2 animations on the same timeline…and then create another animation group(frames 16-31).

When I play the animations…the first works fine. You would expect the second to look exactly like the first when you play it, but instead, it waits until it hits the 16th keyframe before it starts to play. So there is essentially a delay.

Expected: That is act like all other animation types (skin/object) using animation groups and play immediately when the animation group is called.

Is this the expected behavior? Using 3ds Max/GLTF format.

Paging Dr. @Drigax, our resident expert on things like this. :smiley:

Thanks! This sounds like Fix Morph Target Animation Group with delayed animation by Drigax · Pull Request #636 · BabylonJS/Exporters · GitHub, but I’m not sure why its reproducing.

I’ll take a look ASAP, @Jefro5 do you have a test scene that you can share so that I can confirm the fix? Also can you confirm what exporter version that you’re using?

That would explain it! I have an August version of the exporter. Let me try getting latest. Thanks!

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@Drigax Thanks you so much…it works!.. my version of the exporter was too old. When on big projects with timelines you always fear changing the version of your software. Damned I I do and damned if I don’t :wink: You are a life saver! Can’t say enough how great this community is. Thanks!

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Thanks for following up! Glad that I can help. :blush: My favorite bugs are the ones that are already fixed.

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