3d max morpher problem with animation groups

I have exported and skinned model from max to babylon in .glb format and everything going well but morpher animation does not perform right . It actually performs correctly when I export all animation in one single babylon animation group but when i create my animation groups (idel, dancing , celebraing…) morpher animation seem to “key-offset” in each animation group
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Pinging @drigax

Sounds like Maya Exporter - Second Animation Clip Incorrect Length · Issue #634 · BabylonJS/Exporters · GitHub but for Max. I’ll take a look first thing tomorrow, can you share a scene that reproduces the issue?

Hi Drigax
Firstly thank you so much for you quick reply
I will add issue file .ITs glb format file exported from max 2018 with max2babylon exporter tool
You can see IDLE animation groups shows correct morpher blinking eyes that happen firstly in timeline
But CLBR animation group should show celenration dance while smiley eyes but morpher animation of eyes occurs much latert than it should extending animation much more frames that is set to .
Seems like new user cannot share attachments :wink:
is it possible to shar little .glb file somehow?
Thank so much for you attention
Javier Porcel

pls find a very simple example of bug with and sphere

animation01 will morpher in time
animation02 will delay morpher of sphere
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JAvier Porcel

Thanks for the output file, I assume that for animation02, we expect the morph to begin on the first frame, rather than halfway through the animation?

I think I can investigate this, but in the meantime can you please upload the source .max scene file as well? That way I can be sure I’m getting the expected result.

Here is max 2018 file were will be able to see anmi 02 (51-100) morher is happening while sphere is still moving . on glb files morpher happens and the end of sphere movment

look as if in anim02 morpher is offset 50 frames which is exaclty anim01 duration
Thank you so much for your help Drigax
Javier Porcel

Ah, I see! I believe that this was fixed via:

about a week ago.

Can you try installing the latest 3dsMax exporter and trying again? I believe the latest should be available here, or should install using the installer program:

I was able to export this glb which looks about right :slight_smile:
morpher02_fix.zip (40.6 KB)

I see new pulgin is working beautifully :heart_eyes:. Amazing work guys :smiley::+1:
I like this place.
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Javier Porcel

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