Morph target not linked to animation

Hi there,
I’ve made a spring between two positions. The extension of the spring is made via morph target, so thanks to it, it connects the two positions correctly.
The problem comes when the morph target is in the glTF scene, but is NOT connected to the animation.
So in the glTF you can scroll through its weight, but it’s not animated.
Is there any reason for this?
In case you want to dig into the original MAYA scene, you can find it attached. (245.7 KB)

cc @srzerbetto if you have a few free cycles

Hello @joie , how are you doing?

Just to be sure I fully understand your question. Are you using the Babylon.js plugin for Maya? And your glTF scene breaks when you have morph targets but don’t have its weights connected to any animation, is that right?

Yep, I’m using the exporter for MAYA and the blendshape (morph target) is not connected to the animation. I don’t if the animation even exported at all for it. The translation and rotation works correctly though.

cc @Guillaume_Pelletier to see if this is expected

I attached the MAYA file in order for you to be able to export the mesh and see the animation connection problem. Tell me if you need anything more.

I think I managed to find a solution for this, well, it is more like a workaround.
The problem is that the blendShape (morphTarget) is not animated directly but linked to another thing.
So when the locators move, the blendShape animates its weight.
I guess the exporter thinks a linked animation is not really an animation and doesn’t understand it as that, so it doesn’t bake that animation and export it.
The workaround is to bake the linked animation of the blendShape. That way, it now has an animation curve the exporter understands and works, finally.
It would be great if the exporter could understand linked animations as REAL animations though.
Thanks for your support on this.