Movement stopped after checking collisions

Hello everyone,
I am facing a weird problem, I have different characters who are moving in the whole scene. So, to avoid them passing through each .gltf model I’ve used the check collisions method. It is working fine but after checking collisions it is sticking at the same place not moving further.

See I’m using WASD to move but it got stuck there. Please help me out.

Yet again, Newbie question: mesh import - #8 by nogalo

I touched on how you could solve this in a different thread (or two of them :smiley: )

I believe that best thing you could do is to wrap your object (pole) with a Box and add collision on the box instead of the pole itself. And I would pretty much do this with every mesh that you might have troubles with (like gates, walls, sharp corners, etc…)

Note: I am not throwing away the possibility that something else might be in play here, but I feel like this would solve your issue.

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Thanks this works for me. I’m working to add a bounding box around it :laughing:

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I also have same issue can u please send me example @nogalo @Abhishek_Shakya how it works…?