MudGate - first playable is now here!

@webgrid, so pumped about your progress! Congrats on getting your Steam Store page set up! Please let us know once it’s available and we’ll help you spread the word!

Congrats again on your progress!

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AWESOME! … Congrats on your release and for all that hard work.
It is great to see so many features of a game being done with BJS

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Hey, pretty cool project. Reminds me a bit of Ultima Online :slight_smile:

Small improvement idea: Maybe you should go with a more blocky tree design like that: Trees I think that would be a little more coherent design.


Wow did you have to create a wrapper or what to get it on steam? That’s amazing!

Unfortunately ‘hammer.js’ won’t load for me to be able to try it out.

Interesting, what browser did you use ?

Is it possible for you to try again and post me the error message ? it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Now I tried and it loaded up nice and fast (on chrome).

I’ll play it tomorrow and report back!

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Thank for the feedback.

My web game now supports 1000x larger realms (1Mx1Mx1M) and customized block-style, Huzzah!

This is how I did it:

Volumetric block information is stored in a single integer, and my supported volumetric dimensions are between 1-999 in any direction as you can see in the video.

Next challenge is to make a good procedural generation using the volumetric block information to awesome terrain!

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Congrats :champagne: That sure looks like a huge step forward. Can’t wait to see how you will translate this for your procedural map generation. GJ :smiley:

I have already that for dungeons and partially for realms.

Here is a reddit post about procedurally generated dungeons:

As I now support volumetric block information it would be the next challenge for procedurally generated realms and dungeons :slight_smile: