Mujal-Mental Wellness website

Hey all!!

After some months of messing around with a HTML/PHP coding script I chose to utilize BJS. Mujal is short for mujallar which means journal from a W. African based language. The site is geared towards mental health which I connect with. There are sections for info, chatting, and gaming(will use the memory game format I created with the help of Sir @JohnK this past summer).

So far just the landing page. Working on two things and having a hard time correcting them:
making the plane material transparent so word background blends with blue panels
Earth material right side up or rotating the sphere mesh

Feedback is greatly appreciated!!

Hi @Mekaboo

Not sure if this is the correct or best way, but it works:

Added earthTex uScale & vScale = -1.
Added rbga clear color to DynamicTexture and set hasAlpha & useAlphaFromDiffuseTexture = true.

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Thank ya so very much Sir @inteja :heart:

I was having such a hard time with it…I appreciate this!!!