My 3D portfolio website to show off and be fancy

I’ve been dabbling in web development for about 2 years, but BabylonJS has made it more fun. Here’s something I made to test my new skills:

I want to add a new floor whenever I finish a big project. The models are made in blender and the UI is plain HTML/CSS.

Also I’m on the hunt for a new job, so message me if you happen to know where to find one :slight_smile:


Nice work! It’s really cool! :smiley:

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The building with scroll is such a fun idea!

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super cool! but it hurts my mind the scrolling is “inversed” :joy:

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Fair critique! Still debating on whether or not to change the scrolling direction, because either it starts at the top instead of a ground floor lobby, or I have to teleport scroll position to the bottom.

I had the same initial confusion - was scrolling down and thought I would “be the elevator”, but it was kinda disorienting maybe in a good way. Initially thought it was broken. I lived in a building where the elevator door had a window, so it was kinda like that. Very cool concept - well executed. Like the wobbles as well.

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Welcome to the Forum,
You can come back anytime to showcase projects of such quality :smiley:… or of course, with your questions or suggestions. GJ, it’s really neat and nice. Luv it.

The eternal debate on ‘natural’ vs (non-natural? :wink:) scrolling. Personally, this is fine by me. It’s also the first thing I change in my sys and apps. I guess it’s a matter of habits. May be you could add a small ‘user settings’ to change this behavior. It would add a customizing touch to it. Simple suggestion and of course, my opinion only. Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses: