Product long scrolling page


I am working on a long scroll-page:

Navigation is possible by clicking on arrows or just scroll the page :wink:

It is my first Babylon.js project and also first time I am using Blender/Bforartists.
This is work in progress(!) - so some bugs need to be still fixed, some things are still not interactive (e.g. process), mobile version also will be made and end is missing - it stops it “statistics”. But overall development is coming to an end so I decided to post it here.

Any feedback is welcome - so I can improve it until final version :wink:

My first concern would be - are there any serious performance issues? Target group would be mostly Windows desktop users with standard office but no game PC hardware - around 1-3 years old. I am using a 5 year old iMac which is also quite old and it works fine.

Thank you!


You had me with the tunnel effect! I love it!


For performance, I suggest you run a profile in Edge or Chrome to get a precise analysis of the hot paths

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Thank you! I just updated version with many changes. Hope to go online soon.