HolographicSlate slate gizmo seems to be broken in Oculus Quest 2

Hi guys,

I’m trying to use HolographicSlate for my UI VR experience. While using mouse and a regular browser I can use the gizmo to rotate, scale and resize the slate. When I load the same experience in Oculus XR session the drag events on the slate gizmo seem to be ignored ( when using Oculus controller). Weirdly hover events and animations seem to be working. If you need more info let me know. This is the playground example to reproduce the issue in XR:

I hope you guys have ways to check device dependent bugs. Thanks!

I remember there was an issue with the near interaction and controllers. With hands it was working well. I was sure it was resolved.

Might be a different issue though, i’ll check and let you know.

Thank you for reporting this!

Thanks for solving this so fast! :slight_smile: I’ll be waiting for a new release. Have a great day.

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