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San Carlos 3D

Hello, I create this topic to post here news of this project made by Informatic división of Municipality of Concordia, Entre Ríos Argentina.

In this Project tried to recréate one of the most representative tourist attractions of our city, San Carlos’s castle . The aim of this simulation is to show (based on historical data) the castle before the incident that left it in ruins using Babylon JS as framework 3D.

It’s a free service and it’s available on San Carlos 3D

The idea of ​​the project is to make a tour of the Castle in first person, while showing the history of it, available in 4 languages ​​(English, Spanish, French and Portuguese).

In this topic i will post the progress and improvements of project


  • Load of scene, mesh and animated mesh.
  • Sky Dome.
  • Water simulation with water material.
  • Fire simulation with fire material.
  • Smoke Simulation with particle system.
  • Manipulation of camera position and rotation.
  • Interaction, with the map and objects, through the keyboard.
  • Use of UV textures.
  • Restriction of the position of the camera in the terrain.
  • GUI.
  • Use of html as GUI.
  • Music and fx-sounds.
  • 3d sound.
  • Multiple languages ​​selectable in real time.
  • Fog.
  • Changing screen resolutions in real time.
  • Object with train animation.
  • load of external fonts.
  • Loading screen.
  • Use of Multimaterial.
  • Use of texture effects.
  • First Person Camera Train animation.
  • First Person Camera manual.
  • Compressed textures
  • Divice type detection
  • Camera control in GUI for táctil devices(use cameraMatrixTransform to update camera position and rotation)

TODO List                                                                                                              
Change textures to stable walls 0%
Change the textures to the stable floor 0%
Add columns in the stable 0%
Add drainage in the stable 0%
BPR textures for castle walls 0%
Add interior stairs 24%
Lecterns with tourist information. 5%
Flag of France in front of the castle. 0%
Flag of Argentina in front of the castle. 0%
Wooden panels on the walls of the ground floor. 0%
Animated curtains for windows with physical effect of fabrics 0%
Add sword to the little prince 0%
Reference map of the position of the camera in GUI. 0%
Add birds flying 0%
Add drains in the yard 50%
Opening window animation to see little prince from castle 0%
Animation of stars and magical sound effects in the opening of the parchment 0%
Animation of the opening of the main door when entering and magical sound effect. 0%
Add interior doors 0%
Quick access bar to different parts of the story. 0%
Use Speechweb to read the story. 80%
Add vegetation around the castle 30%
Add vegetation around the little prince. 0%
Add decorative elements to the castle. 0%
Add buttons for change resolution 0%
Add chimneys 60%

To Fix                                                                                                                             
Fix the 404 Error's 100%
Sincronize progress bar with resource download 0%
Change for loops with while loops 0%
Fix the animation to the parchment, sometimes choose the longest path in terms
of rotation.
Fix the error in the bounding box in the animated mesh, as some frames in
the animation disappear from the screen
Fix errors of material and texture of the bars 0%
Chage texture weight, reduce load time 70%
Chage Intro theme song 100%
Chage Main theme song 100%

Implement grassland simulation 0%
Mini games on tour 0%
Full game on tour 0%
Implement a game through the map 0%
Sound effects of steps, different according to the ground 0%
Camera animation to simulate steps 0%
Add sun with lighting effects 0%
Change the position of the sun according to time 0%
Add moon 0%
Change the position of the moon according to time 0%
Transparent skydome with clouds 0%
Transparente skydome with stars 0%
Transparent sky box with color gradient to simulate the moments of the day 0%


Hola, creo este tópico para mostrar avances sobre el proyecto llevado a cabo por la Dirección de Informática de la Municipalidad de Concordia, Entre Ríos Argentina.

Proyecto en el cual se intenta recrear uno de los atractivos más representativo de la ciudad, el Castillo San Carlos, mostrando cómo se veía en el pasado antes de que convertirse en ruinas utilizando Babylon JS como framework 3D.

Está disponible como servicio gratuito accediendo a la sitio San Carlos 3D

La idea del proyecto es realizar un recorrido por el Castillo en primera persona, a la vez que se muestra la historia sobre el mismo, Disponible en 4 idiomas (inglés, español, francés y portugués).

En este tópico se notificará sobre los avances y mejoras del proyecto


Woot this is really cool!!! feel free to share it on our homepage when done

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thanks, I will soon upload a TODOLIST, to show the pending requirements to be implemented in this project.
When it is complet we will upload them to your site

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Great project! I hope to make it up to your castle when I visit Argentina in ~10 months :slight_smile: