Library interactif map

I would like to share with you the first application I made a while ago when I first started on Babylon.js.
I thank you of course for this great tool, I really don’t regret this choice which covers a large part of my needs of realization.
I would also like to thank my friend @Vinc3r who was a great help to me on the code level, but also under Blender with his indispensable add-on ReTiCo.

Slightly related to the original version used for a Business School, to put the Babylon Logo and the animated character which is a special message to @Deltakosh to thank him in my own way for this nice tool.

And a big thank you to all the contributors who are doing a great job.



pinging @PirateJC for homepage linking :slight_smile:

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Man with a T-shirt!


It is so pretty !!! but I am a bit concerned by the attitude of the t shirt guy:

I think he might be watching me and I am a bit scared :wink:


OMG THIS IS MY TSHIRT!!! I did not even see that…

Thanks a ton @Cstfan


You’re welcome. It’s a pleasure playing with Babylon.js, thank you.
This shirt is one of my favorites.
My app on the homepage, so cool


Funny you put this animated char :slight_smile: Maybe he looks like a little too much scared

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He looks lost or he’s trying to scare people in the library :smiley:

@Cstfan: Very nicely done. I spent many years (9 years on my city’s Library Board) involved with libraries (public libraries) - stopping them being closed down, Those libraries are perhaps a little different - you see lots of children ( and not shady characters wearing strange T-shirts :rofl:). Parents bring their children to “Story Times” and “Mums, Pops and Tots” .

I remember walking my two young daughters to a library - they skipped along the sidewalk, laughing in anticipation. And now my little grand daughter goes to have fun.

Excuse my reminiscing about the past - books, libraries and what they mean to society, are important to this old guy :slight_smile: . And your excellent work brought it back to me.

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:


In our business school, this is a very appreciated place for our student to work and there are still a lot of paper books available :slight_smile:
This draft of a virtual tour in VR mode just for you
Virtual library tour - Republique v0.2 sur casque VR Oculus Quest?
Thanks @RaananW for the VR part


Looks awesome!

Feels like the pointer selection module is “under pressure” when its enabled - maybe disable it if you don’t need it - it will make the tour more fluent :slight_smile:

It’s true that I don’t have a smooth movement when I move the controlers. I also have problems when I move my head on parts there are a lot of objects. There are still things to optimize in terms of mesh sizes. Otherwise, I consulted this part of the documentation WebXR Selected Features - Babylon.js Documentation but I did not find what you are talking about.
I’m not sure I understand, can you tell me what to do. Thank you

Of course!

The pointerSelection feature is enabled per default. There are a few improvements coming up very soon, but until then, if you don’t really use it you can detach it from your scene.

To detach it:

xrHelper.pointerSelection.detach() . You will lose those “lines” that check if the controller points at a certain mesh , teleportation will still work!

If you do need it, try optimizing your pointer-move predicate and make sure it only returns the meshes you want to be able to select yourself

I added this, wow, it’s much more fluid :heart_eyes:. But after teleportation, the pointerSelectin lines reappears :disappointed_relieved:
WebXR - pointerSelection reappears after teleportation?
I also tried here, but it’s same thing:
Babylon.js Playground

Oh no!! You found an interesting bug :slight_smile:

You can detach the two by using xrHelper.teleportation.setSelectionFeature(undefined) . this should prevent that from happening

I looked before I asked you because I thought I missed something :upside_down_face:.
I’ll try that and I’ll tell you what. Thank you

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I’ve finally been able to free myself up to test this. My god, it’s super fluid now. I love you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What a good idea I had to share this project in progress to @gryff, because you saved me from working on a mesh and grouping optimization problem that wasn’t the source of the problem.

Now I’m hoping that @PirateJC will put my first production on the site, that would be great.
Come on, I’m finally getting back on this Virtual Tour project, I hope I won’t ask you too much :innocent:


Absolutely! I’d be happy to put it up on the site!

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It’s up!


Awesome :heart_eyes: