Need picking, shadows for different strip types - Currently only Triangles works

We notice picking, shadows aren’t working with Tri strip data. We have all our data in Tri strips & Line strips.

Please consider other strip types too (not only Triangles) for various functionalities across Babylon.

We were looking at adopting Babylon for a CAD application instead of our current pure WebGL implementation. Such restrictions delays our intend.

We see strip type being hard-coded to Triangles at multiple places. One such is for shadows.

Our forum posts on corresponding issue:
Picking: Picking for TriangleStripDrawMode is not proper

Shadows: Shadows for TriangleStripDrawMode is not proper

Thanks for this summary. Would you be ok to do the PR to fix the issues?
I will merge them asap and publish a new npm

Hi @Deltakosh,

Line drawn using LinesMesh
Line drawn using LineListDrawMode

When using LinesMesh, Picking is working.
But When I use lineListdrawmode picking is not working.

When I save the file with linesMesh to babylon and view it in sandbox, it displays as triangles. So, I cant use linesMesh for drawing lines because it hinders other meshes while picking.

Gopinath Vellingiri

Yeas this is “expected” as we are considering only triangles when picking, LinesMesh override the picking mechanism to provide a solution for lines:

You can turn off picking with isPickable = false