Shadows for TriangleStripDrawMode is not proper

I have rendered two cubes with custom data. One I have drawn with TriangleStripDrawMode and other with TriangleFillMode.

Playground example.


The shadow generated for the cube with TriangleStripDrawMode is not proper.
The shadow generated for the cube with TriangleFillMode is proper.

Possible Solution

In shadowGenerator.ts file,
Inside private _renderSubMeshForShadowMap () method,

// Draw
mesh._processRendering(subMesh, this._effect, Material.TriangleFillMode, batch, hardwareInstancedRendering,
(isInstance, world) => this._effect.setMatrix(“world”, world));

Here, the value Material.TriangleFillMode is hardcoded. Instead, it has to be obtained from the particular mesh’s fillMode.

Hi @gopivell

Thank you for the playground and the explanation. Can you make a PR?