New babylonjs features in the project

I’m doing a project. In babylonjs I move the characters according to the real positions. It’s a bit like a sims game. Can you give me an idea? What more do you think I can add to this project? Which features would make the project look much more elegant? Can you show the features as a playground?

Hello! This is rather more of a game design question than a Babylon.js question :slight_smile: We aren’t the ones most qualified to answer your question, I’d suggest reading up on game design resources instead:


Hey there,

While I agree this may be out of the scope I will put on my game design hat from college for two minutes and offer some suggestions and resources. :slight_smile:

First of all, we have this really cool section in the forums: Examples from the playground - #1109 by Necips This can definitely give some ideas of really cool things to add. And the code is there for you to take a look at.

Next, we even have a super awesome game tutorial for people to learn from. Also a spot to get some inspiration from…Introduction To Creating Games | Babylon.js Documentation

As for my final personal opinion. Games should be fun! This can be achieved in different ways. Maybe cool mechanics, or unique rules. You can also have advanced tech and visually pleasing art to enhance the experience as well. There are endless possibilities. Some ways to make a game visually look nicer: Do you have feedback on every interaction? Sound effects maybe, or particle systems? We have a particle editor that can help a user create some really advance looking effects. The Particle Editor | Babylon.js Documentation

How’s your UI? Did you know you can have 3D projected UI using BSJ GUI? That’s something really unique imo. (CreateForMeshTexture line 207)

Do all your environments pieces have animations (if possible). Small animations here and there can add that extra level detail that can make a game get that “WOW” reaction. We have an editor for that too! :joy: ACE - The Animation Curve Editor | Babylon.js Documentation

In the end, it’s my opinion but I do think fun should be the most core component. Hope this gives a little insight and best of luck!


train the sims to create their own ideas! problem solved

i googled elegant and went to the images tab. mostly dresses and a chandelier, seems fine.

hopefully they dont try to recreate the titanic.

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You say that but one of my favourite games ever is actually set in a sinking ship :rofl:

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Thank you for your reply and advice. have a lot of beatifull examples.

Thank you for your reply. These are valuable contents, I will definitely review them.