New error showing up after going from 5.0 beta6 to rc0

This only shows up in rc0. If it’s helpful I can walk back versions and see which one it appears. Any ideas what might be causing the error ?

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 12.46.25 PM

Oh that would be me breaking it :frowning: Can you provide a repro for it ? it is so strange, I would like to fix it ASAP.

Just tried for over an hour to get it to repro in PG with no luck :confused: I need to figure something out there because our app is getting massive, making it really difficult to replicate all the things possibly interacting for when PG needed

I am going to keep at it… here is where the exception is catching if that helps too :pray:

each plugin is supposed to have a getUniformBuffersName() as it is inherited from materialPluginBase

Do you create your own material plugin? if yes how?

Nope, nothing about Material Plugins, have not explored that yet : ) there is the gltf loader extension and I put that in PG

Rats… i don’t know how to help without a repro:(

It’s okay, I will get it to, eventually ! Thanks for looking @Deltakosh

could it be a version issue ? like a part of the code being rc0 and another one smthg else ?

also if you want you could share your repo in PM and I am happy to have a look into it


You’re a wizzard as always @sebavan. I don’t know how or why but deleting node_modules and doing fresh install fixes it

This is my motto: