New Node Material Editor Graph engine

Hey team!

Up until now I was using React-Diagrams by Project Storm (GitHub - projectstorm/react-diagrams: a super simple, no-nonsense diagramming library written in react that just works) to render the node inside NME.

Unfortunately, I’m not satisfied by the support and the new version (6.0 is not yet ready for production). So I decided to rewrite my own graph engine.

So expect some hiccups going forward while I’m making sure the new engine works at least as well as the previous one.

The good news is that with my own engine I will be free to add more feature pretty easily. Furthermore the new engine will be shaped for NME so faster and smaller!


I have the starts of a node diagram library that I started way back in the day for this exact same style of project. Want me to dig it up and ship it to you in case some of it is useful?


Well thanks a lot mate:)

But I’m good, I have almost everything working :wink: (Even adding new stuff now)

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now with a grid :wink: