New Open-Source WebAR Component/System compatible with A-Frame, BabylonJs and ThreeJs

I am happy to share information about the new open-source webAR system recently created and which is compatible with A-Frame, Three.js and BabylonJs. It was made thanks to WebAssembly. The difference with other webAR systems: You can load image target without training it by simply indicating the url; you can track image target even if it is not fully visible. The system is still under development, but you can try it here:
Repository: GitHub - akbartus/Simple-AR: Simple AR is a web-based image tracking library (component) based on WebAssembly and made for A-Frame framework. It also contains BabylonJs and ThreeJs example implementations .
Demo (BabylonJs):
Demo (ThreeJs): .
Demo (A-Frame): Check repository for more info. Feel free to share/comment/suggest ideas.


Nice !!! this is really cool :slight_smile:

Good job!