Primitives on .babylon file?

I’ve noticed that the .babylon file only bakes out vertex info instead of creating constructors for primitives.

Would it be weird to extend the file convention to have a flag on the mesh structure to flag it as a Primitive, and then have a optional “attributes” parameter that would have all the constructor arguments.

I know for blender there would have to be some scripting done to accommodate that, but for the c4d exporter I am working on it kinda makes sense and for some meshes (a sphere for example or a torus) it saves buko kbs on the file.

It was actually the case in the past but we removed the code as no exporter where generating them :wink:

But I’ll gladly merge a PR reinstating it if this is useful

Super duper, go ahead and hold off until I do the first real push of the exporter here then we will take a look at that?


sure thing

Can I get those exposed now? I am doing mesh data stuff hopefully today and these would be cool to have done as well before I go to materials now.

Please, feel free to create a PR for it, I ll merge it ASAP.

Roger that, I’ll do it today sometime after I finish up the Polygon Mesh stuff. I was meshing around with getting the deformers working and linking up cloners and instances and things got me distracted from getting it working all the way this weekend.

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My main question is should it be in the exporters or a separate repo you could manage like it is the case for Blender and Unity ???

Main reason of me asking is all the build processes and validation that goes into the repo knowing it looks like you are not reusing any of the repo code at the moment ???

@Deltakosh is coming back in a week an probably another topic we should check with him.

All merged in forgot we were already having others in :slight_smile:

Congratulations @Pryme8 and can not wait to see where this goes.

Would be great to have the readme so that we can try easily :slight_smile: also this would deserve a huge highlight for the next release.


Yeah Im not sure if I am doing this the correct way at all, and honestly I need to do some more training on how c4d and python work together; But I can move it to whatever location yall need and I plan on doing a video series with it as well to demonstrate the different features and tag uses.

It might be worth it for me to set up a C environment and migrate everything to that vs Python because I kinda understand that language a little better and it seems MAXION likes C better as far as support.

A good thing though is before I started going with .babylon file type I had Primitives, Meshes, Materials, Cameras, and Lights all working. Bad news is now only lights and cameras are, and not even really well till I push this next commit.