NME CustomScript with Dynamic Input/Output ports

What about the option to make a node with the ability to add and remove input/output ports (along with define what they are) and then a ‘Custom Text’ area that allows for interaction and manipulation of the port data.

Hmm, I wonder how to add this myself. Might need to do some research on how to do the ports and open up the UI to edit them and rebuild the node when stuff changes.

The compilation of it should not be too hard.

The idea would be you drop the node in, on the side UI define the number of inputs/outputs and what they are then in the Custom text area you could be like

vec3 inputColor = input0;
vec3 shiftColor = vec3(0.2);
output0 = inputColor*shiftColor;

I know this example could be done with the nodes we have already, but this is a simple example.

Basically want to be able to dynamically define functions.

This is something I plan for v2: Node Material Editor - vNext · Issue #6872 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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