Node material search?

Possibly a silly question but is there a way to search for node materials like we can with playground search? If not, is this planned or a possibility for the future?

I get the sense there’s a lot of cool node materials out there that people could use or learn from.


New to babylon here, when we should use node material?

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The Node Material Editor (NME) is an easier, visual way to create custom shaders rather than having to learn and write shader code. The docs are here The Node Material Editor | Babylon.js Documentation

You can use the Standard Material, PBR Material or node materials created with the NME. PBR materials will be able to do most things but sometimes a custom shader might be necessary and that’s where the NME is handy, for example:

  • Animated ocean/water
  • Animated lava

Yeah this is not something supported yet as we would need for the user to define and categorize the materials

But we have:

The second one is lame so far but open for the community to contribute

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