NME Reflection Block Generate Code & Save/Load Broken

Generated code contains extra parenthesis ) when PBRMetallicRoughness has a reflection block as in the playground example ReflectionBlock.texture.gammaSpace = true);. And therefor needs to be removed manually.

Another bug is that the save also is somehow corrupted and won’t get loaded.

Reflection Probes with Node Material PBRMetallicRoughness | Babylon.js Playground


Thanks for the report, I will correct the extra parenthesis quickly.

What do you mean by:

Are you able to provide some steps to reproduce the problem?

In the playground example, open the node material in nme, File --> Save --> File --> Load.

Before loading, delete something because otherwise it falsely looks like it loaded successfully but it doesn’t really and it doesn’t produce error.

Thanks, here’s the PR that fixes those problems:

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