Reflection Textures and NME Materials

Hi all! Quite new to Babylon, trying to figure a few things out :slight_smile:

Is it possible to use local reflection maps with NME PBR materials?

I have a simple chrome NME PBR Material here:

And I’m trying to plug a reflection map into it in this PG:

PBRMaterial on the right works fine, but the NME material just comes out black when I try to plug the reflection texture into its reflection node. This is actually working worse even than my local project, where at least I’ve been able to get the reflection map to show up.

  1. What am I doing wrong that prevents the reflection texture from being visible on the NME material?
  2. Is it possible to specify bounding box and bounding pos on an NME material reflection map to get it working the same as the PBR material on the right?

Welcome aboard!

The texture property is named texture and not reflectionTexture . Also, the boundingBoxSize and boundingBoxPosition properties must be set on the texture, not on the block. Finally, for some reason you must link to PBRMetallicRoughness.worldPosition the same WorldPos block used in the vertex output and not a new one:

Amazing, thank you for the clarification!