Node Editor - save changes in local project

I am just starting with Babylon.

It would be nice to have this, when changing node material:

Save - it saves from where it was loaded or the last path
Save as - choose / override existing file

This will help to modify node material, and see the result live, on a local project.

This seems like something that should be supported natively, and maybe it is, I just don’t know.

Currently, when I press save, it downloads to Download folder, with default nodeMaterial name.

Thank you.

There is not really an API that can help with that on the web :frowning: but I love the idea.

Partially these functions depend on user’s browser settings.
As example, in Chrome one may choose betweeen automatic dowloading into chosen folder, or to choose “Always ask where to save” (or something like that) - in this case one will have a possibility to rename file before saving.