Offline version of the Node Material Editor?

Hello folks,

I am just wondering: is there an offline version of node material editor available?

I think it would be cool to be able to save a session as a file in order to retreive the work done on a shader graph for future modification. Correct me if I am wrong, so far the only way of retreive work using de NME is to use the URL generated by the session, which means being online right?

nope :slight_smile: you can also hit Save button to get a file version of your material:

Loading a json file works really well actually! :expressionless:

Any plans on releasing the NME for local development just like the rest of the toolset any time soon? Would be amazing for ‘digital nomads’ duch as myself…

You can have it locally if you fork the repo, there is no backend service, just a local react project

I plan to have a pwa version of it in the future but forking the repo is already a good solution

Doc: Start Contributing to Babylon.js - Babylon.js Documentation


Gracias Deltakosh,
I just tested using a fork of the repo on my machine and it works flawlessly.
For anyone looking for the exact path of the NME in the repo, it’s located in Babylon.js/nodeEditor/public

Thank you for this awesome toolset, it makes shaders wayyy more easy. Making this as a PWA is also a great idea. Actually all the members of the toolset should become a PWA in my opinion…!



It is the plan :wink: