Node material based on texture occasionally translucent

Been making a lot of progress but I noticed this issue locally that I was able to repro in NME:
as you can see I modify the y-coordinate of the node material based on an input texture. At certain angles, the material becomes translucent for some reason. You can observe the problem when you rotate the preview for “plane”.

I think there must be something I’m not understanding about how this works that is causing this issue. Would someone be able to take a look and let me know what I’m doing wrong + how to correct it?


That’s because you bound rgba to the FragmentOutput input, so the alpha channel is bound: in that case, the system is handling the mesh as a transparent mesh and writing in the zbuffer is disabled. As the triangles are rendered in the order they have been created, depending on the camera view, some triangles that would have been hidden by some others if the zbuffer were in effect are still visible, hence the rendering artifacts.

As it seems you don’t need the alpha channel, you should simply bind the rgb input and not the rgba one.

ahh lol seems obvious in hindsight. thank you!