Node material editor shows texture thumbnails

It is recommended to add a preview of image resources.
There is another bug. When the texture is turned off and turned on again, the texture will disappear

Hey I’m sorry but I do not understand the problem. Can you rephrase it please?

@brightMoon, if I am understanding the question correctly, it appears that you are toggling “embed static texture” off and then seeing your image disappear and then when you toggle “embed static texture” back on, you do not see the previously loaded texture. What is happening is that the shader loads the resources it needs on load (if a texture was saved with the node material) or displays an image loaded into a block manually. These textures are currently in memory for the session.

If you disable “embed static texture” the editor now assumes you want to link an image from a web accessible URL instead of embedding the image in the shader file itself. Reasons to do this include wanting to dynamically change a texture in your experience so you don’t want your users to have to download a bigger json with an embedded texture or even being able to update the texture source without needing to update the node material.

But, as soon as you disable “embed static texture” the node material editor disposes of the texture in memory since it is no longer needed and could affect performance if we need to keep a large texture in memory that is not needed. This means that if you re-enable “embed static texture” you are telling the editor, I have changed my mind and I really do want to embed a texture and then the editor needs you to manually update the texture you need. This is the same as clicking the “remove” button which also discards the texture from memory.

The reason for this is that if we were to keep all previously loaded textures in memory we could quickly start running short of resources for graphs with several texture blocks or if successive large images were loaded. I think this speaks to your first recommendation because it sounds like you are assuming that the textures are still loaded in memory and thus we could provide previews for them. But the only textures in memory are the ones previewed on the texture blocks (whether they are embedded or linked, we will show previews for both.

Not sure if this addresses your questions so please feel free to ping me with follow ups.

I understand that if you need to view the specific image of the texture, you need to open the URL link to see it. What is on the node is only the thumbnail of the display

Maybe we should add some kind of tooltip or dialog saying: “Warning, turning the static texture off will ‘delete’ it.”, with an option for the user to dismiss the tooltip permanently?

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Yes, that’s a good tip

@PatrickRyan do you want to make a design for it?


I can do that, @carolhmj!

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