Node Material - NME Fire Shader

I’m following a Unity Shader Graph tutorial to make some fire effects, switching things around as necessary.

Around 7:10 is the final setup.

My nme as it stands here:

It’s looking pretty close, but I think what doesn’t translate is setting up the albedo and alpha explicitly, so it’s a bit off. How would I be more specific in making this a luminous fire thing?

I’d love to hear other ideas on how to improve this shader as well, since I’m learning everything all at once.


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Hi @BoldBigflank

I did a quick test here :


As you have seen, the idea is to have at least 2 layers of noise going at different speed. blending them together and you get the intensity.

With this intensity, I sample a gradient for the color, and I use it as well for the alpha. Less intensity = more transparent.

You can change a few things with a texture instead of the voronoi ‘disk’ shape for more details.


Thank you for your input. I’m following that part, having two noise nodes at different speeds to make some movement.

I think my biggest question here is how do I make the texture glow brightly, like a fire.

a post process maybe ? Or you can add a 3rd layer with added intensity/color on top.

What nodes manipulate intensity?

You can use a ‘add’ node for example. Or a ‘scale’ node.