Web can do but React native can't (none euclydean ) help

demo this
test card none euclydean | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)

in ReactNative(ios) can’t see the sphere through the card.

@bghgary @Cedric

i retest
on android is ok,
on ios /ios emulator can’t show cardFront’s alpha area

if you switch from WEBGL2 to WEBGL in the Playground it also does not work. That means your example requires WebGL2 … IOS does not support WebGL2
You need to find a way solve your problem with WEBGL 1.

You can enable webgl2 on iOS in Safari preferences

This is not an option in many cases because its disabled by default and every user would have to enable it manually.

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BabylonReactNative default used WebGL1?
I test on BabylonReactNative.
on android is ok,
on ios /ios emulator can’t

Ho! It’s with BabylonNative! Let me check that then.

thanks @Kesshi @Cedric , maybe “customFragmentShader” or NativeShaderProcessor’s homogeneousDepth?

I think it’s related to something I’m working on with texture coordinates in render targets/back buffer not the same between METAL/D3D11 on 1 side and OpenGL on the other.

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I didn’t forget this issue. I’ll be working on fixing it this week.