Non Compatibility Mode Warning attachment state is not compatible

When I turned on non-compatible mode, the console printed a warning. The general content is as follows:

chunk-6CJHSHP7.js?v=9c5331a3:53 BJS - [16:17:58]: WebGPU uncaptured error (1): [object GPUValidationError] - Attachment state of renderBundles[0] ([RenderBundle]) is not compatible with [RenderPassEncoder "MainRenderPass"].
[RenderPassEncoder "MainRenderPass"] expects an attachment state of { colorFormats: [TextureFormat::BGRA8Unorm], depthStencilFormat: TextureFormat::Depth24PlusStencil8, sampleCount: 4 }.
renderBundles[0] ([RenderBundle]) has an attachment state of { colorFormats: [TextureFormat::RGBA16Float], sampleCount: 1 }.
 - While encoding [RenderPassEncoder "MainRenderPass"].ExecuteBundles(1, ...).

[Invalid CommandBuffer from CommandEncoder "render"] is invalid.
 - While calling [Queue].Submit([[CommandBuffer from CommandEncoder "upload"], [Invalid CommandBuffer from CommandEncoder "render"]])

I think it’s a problem with the texture format, but I don’t know exactly what causes it. any suggestions to help me.

I figured it out. It was because I turned on snapshot mode at the wrong time

Now I am going to start fixing the issues I encountered in fast snapshot mode