Non-euclidian spaces. Could that be possible in babylon?

Hello babylon,
I was browsing YouTube and stumbled upon this:

The Author basically wrote his own rendering engine to create interesting geometrical situations not possible in 3D euclidian space.
For instance a tunnel might be longer to walk across than going around on the outside.

To me this is true black magic. Would such a thing be implementable in Babylon.js?

Interesting question with some answers in this topic Picking objects though a portal?.

As far as I know, all the geometry maths are done in an euclidian space in BJS.

Yup definitely possible and I have seen it done by french students and I hope to be able to share more of their projects soon :slight_smile:

Basically scene with multiple cameras, layerid and rendertargets :slight_smile:

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This is good news! Please keep us posted and thanks for the clues! I’m sure I wouldnt be the only one curious and willing to learn about such amazing things…