Noob question on custom shader

Hi all I have a noob question.
A little help on how this could be solved by someone who already knows the API could really help.

So I have a project where everything is exported with the BabylonJSMaxExporter
but every mesh in my GLTF use a material that uses a custom 3ds max shader
The BabylonExporter already export this
But of course, Babylon does not support my custom shader
I would like to make this possible.
How should I proceed?

Particularly I would like to benefit from the VSCode extension that trough node.js attach Babylon to a local canvas

Thanks in advance

Could you elaborate on what you mean by “this”? I just wanna make sure that I fully understand.

What I wanted to say is that my version of the 3dsmax Babylon exporter is able to read a custom 3dsmax shader and crate the material on GLTF side with all information I need.
albedo, detail map , emission map etc
This addition of course are made by custom GLTF extension

On the other side we have a custom 3d engine able to import those GLTF

Now as this engine is not so use friendly I thought could be nice for my team to use the gltf-vscode plugin to preview and debug our exported asset

I read the shader section of the babylon.js How To, I wonder if this is they way I should proceed.

As I’m completely new to babylon.js before to start to work for many days I would like an opinion on how the rest of the community will face this

Of course I do not expect that the preview has 100% fidelity with our 3d engine but the reactivity of vscode -> babylonjs-> debug is ideal to inspect any sort of problem on our assets

Hey maybe you could use our new Node Material?

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