Normal map only affect certain faces

I created procedural walls using this example and applied a PBR material with a normal map.

However, it looks like only the walls facing a certain direction get affected by the normal (bump) texture like this:

If I rotate the whole structure 90 degrees, it gets reversed so the bumps are only visible on the right wall.

It’s less obvious but I think the diffuse map is also showing a similar symptom. When I rotate the mesh in a certain direction, some walls lose texture details as shown below:

I’m out of ideas as to what could have caused such a problem or how to debug the issue.

Any kind of advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

can you share a repro in the playground ? it looks weird that it would do smthg like this ?

What space is the normal map in?

Actually I don’t think that would matter hmmm this is odd. Yeah we might need a PG.