Normal Map Oscillation issue

I am having a weird oscillation effect with my normal map that I can’t seem to code my way around. I am pretty new to 3d development so I am a bit out of my element. Here is a gif of what’s happening:
And here is my normal map:

I am creating the map texture straight up, passing no paramters (new Texture(’/boxmapSmall.png’, this.scene))

Can anyone give any insight into 1. what could be happening, and 2. how I can fight my way around it?


Hi dested,

Welcome to Babylon! I can’t be sure without a Playground where I could look at the problem directly, but one possibility might be that one of your sampling modes is set to nearest, which will cause the graphics card to grab the direct value of the closest pixel instead of interpolating. If you can create a Playground, we might be able to look directly; but if not, you might be able to look at the textures in the Inspector to see and change the sampling modes. You can summon the Inspector in an arbitrary scene on the Web by calling Hope this is helpful, and best of luck!

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@syntheticmagus Thanks for the reply!

Here is a playground example where you can see the effect:

As you move forward and back you will see the white line pop in and out for each box. My current suspicion is that this is related to the bump texture itself and not with sample mode since I have tried all of them but can’t find one that gets rid of it entirely. I have tried many different but similar variations of the bump texture with no success either. Any insight you can give would be incredibly helpful!

Adjusting the sampling mode does the trick:

Not all sampling modes are available in inspector. I am not sure why.


This is much better! Thank you!

Do you have any recommendations on the funkiness going on towards the upper middle part of the screen? Would a smoother normal map clean this up? Im not sure why it is reflecting the light towards me at that point.