Cannot find normal map texture in Playground

I am unable to find normal map texture under material section in playground. I could find bump texture and other textures as well as given in the picture below:


But cannot find any normal map texture. Why so?

Bump texture is normal texture (rgb image).

Bump map (as in 3dsMax for example, grayscale image) does not exist in Babylon.

Ah okay I use Maya and for us bump and normal maps are two different things. Are they treated as one in Babylon?

Googling stuff on Babylon docs, usually is very helpful. So be sure to always check that first.

Yes I read this and its mentioned how to create bump map from normal map. So is it safe to assume that normal map = bump map?

As I mentioned, bump map (as in maya or 3dsmax, grayscale image), does not exist.

In Babylon, bump map = normal map. But in other softwares that might not be the case. As you mentioned, normal and bump in 3dsMax, Maya, is the different thing. Bump is grayscale image, and normal map is rgb image.

In Babylon bump map is rgb image (-> normal map)