Null Engine export as gltf

Hey, guys. I am using NullEngine on the node.js server.
With the babylonjs-serializers's GLTF2Export.GLBAsync exports nothing.

Is there any way to export the scene as glb with the NullEngine.

ping @bghgary

@JoeyKo Can you create a PG that works but doesn’t work with a NullEngine so I can investigate?

This PG requires the nodejs environment. so you need to run it locally

I don’t see any difference between using a null engine vs a normal engine.


The exported file obviously has some issues, but they are the same whether it is null engine or normal.

Skin is not exported - joins array is empty.

Yes, I know. This skin didn’t come from a glTF so it doesn’t have linked transform nodes, which is not supported yet in the glTF serializer, but this has nothing to do with a null engine.

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Hello just checking in, are you still having issues? @JoeyKo

Yeah, still having the issues. @carolhmj

bringing @bghgary into the discussion again, and can you describe your issues in more detail? If possible? Gary didn’t find a difference in the export of your first PG, so maybe you could provide a different example.

There are two different topics we are discussing here. One is about the null engine which I believe has nothing to do with the problem. The second topic is that the exporter currently does not export skins that are not loaded from a glTF (i.e., skins with joints that have linked transform nodes). Adding support for this is a feature request.