Number of vertices in the scene before and after the export to babylon format


I wanted to ask this for some time. In this case I have a scene in the 3dsMax which says that there is 413000 vertices in the scene. After the export, the inspector says that there are 2.3 million vertices in the scene.

So I am wondering why is the difference so drastic. What is going on in between.

Hi nogalo,

Interesting, that seems like a strange number. Do you have a Playground that shows the problem? It’s much easier to diagnose issues and test solutions that way. :slight_smile:

This sounds like it might be an importer question, though. @Drigax, have you seen something like this before?

This doesn’t seem like a known issue off the top of my head, but I usually don’t work with high poly test scenes, so I never noticed this personally.

Now that I think about it, we have noticed a drastic increase in export file size, and it would be good to pinpoint what may be contributing to this.

Do you know if the face count is consistent between max scene/babylon export? we may be duplicating vertices for each exported face, but this is just a hunch.

@nogalo if you can upload a test .max scene and .babylon that reproduces this issue, I’d be more than happy to take a deep look into it soon as I get the bandwidth, most likely within 2 weeks :slight_smile:.

Hi. I’ve created a test scene for this. This scene in 3dsMax has 9339 (except if 3dsMax is lying to me). And you can see that in the babylon scene (link bellow) it has 54900. Which is kinda insane increase. I thought it was maybe due the triangulation of the mesh during the export process, but I am not sure that should make a difference, especially not this drastic.

Here is a link to the files (max, babylon);

I’ve simplified things completely and I’ve just put a single cube in the scene (which has 8 vertices, which normal cube suppose to have); You can see there are 36 vertices in the playground after import;

Also you can see that indeed the face count has doubled on the cube. 12 instead of 6

Here is an old answer related to the same issue

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Okay. So that’s how it’s suppose to be. I will mark @MarianG as a solution, because that pretty much answers the question. Thanks

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Thanks for the help @MarianG!

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