Nvidia PhysX5 and Babylon

The PG is already using instances, so it should be ok on the rendering side. However, there are still ~3500 meshes in the scene, so using thin instances may be a win in the end.


Another one using kinematic dynamic bodies :

demo : kinematic demo


The fluid rendering is now available in the Playground:


Very cool, I’ve recently done a physX port for playcanvas complete with mesh collisions and character controller etc. Have you tried using raycasts yet? I’m having major issues with them where I have a perfectly normal box rigidbody with scene_query flag set (and trigger) but it only ray casts on 4 of the sides of the box. Its really baffling… Whats even more strange is if i move close it and look at it head on it does then seem to ray cast against that face…

@Adriaaaaan , :disappointed: sorry I can’t help you, I’m just playing with #fabmax port, no intention and no time for the moment to dig futher with PhysX.

I have encountered the same requirement recently, and I am confused about how Babylonjs introduces physx. Can you give me a demo github address? extremely grateful!

babylonjs didn’t introduce physx officially. we don’t have a plugin for it