Old Forum Recover App is Started


Yes but we need to think about how to use it and how to store it in our new forum


we can make archive exactly like old i can design html too for that


Plenty of time to think about it, right? And not necessarily need “integration” into new forum. Could be “external” searcher/displayer, not part of new forum, right?

But integrated… WOULD be sweet. :slight_smile:

Thanks for further info, NasimiAsl! Very nice of you. Thank you, too, DK… for thoughts/consids… for saving my in-forum-post LONG tutorials. I have lots of pixel ink invested. So do others.


Yesterday, I wrote 2 scripts -

First one -> creates an overlay at the bottom and shows the result.
Second one -> I added an onchange event to the current search button, and in callback, I was making get request to the old forum. Idea was to append the result to the existing list.

But wasn’t able to get any data; though it was a great learning experience :slight_smile:
reason being- “http” GET request can’t be made from a “https” site because of Same Origin Policy

Some show off :wink:


It’s a good idea to do that. But pity you do not have the data.


it is first page (Q and a) topics



it is test data
but we can get i test all it tonight and convert from first after that fixed


Nice, NasimiAsl! Thanks for your work.

You, too, @ssaket… your old archive searcher “thing” is cool!

I hope we get the archive safely archived.


data convert finish in monday
i need old site content ( files, images , … )
and i try archive the user image too


someone marge the PullRequest please @Deltakosh


Sorry I forgot…It’s done now