Old Forum Recover App is Started


haha. Coooool. You’re a wild man. :slight_smile:

We need a USA-based gathering machine, for best speeds? Maybe Britain? I wonder where the old stuff is actually located.

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It looks like located in Britain https://check-host.net/ip-info?host=html5gamedevs.com

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i share it in 24 hours

So we can keep it in an app? That would be cool :smiley:

yes i think we can get all data (even view count and maybe likes )
that is 60% ready and that finished in tomorrow

How do you think it will be used then? People will sue the app?

no i send you all data from Db

Ok but what should I do with data? Can you think of a way where you create an user in this forum and this user will post the threads here? I can create an archive category

I don’t think creating a user would be that easy because signup asks for email verification, Maybe we can have anonymous as a common user, if the user is not found in the current forum.(or if we can bypass the verification, this can be avoided)

I can create an user that will do all the posting

i have all user name too
but we need recreate user password Rich most send recreation password link from old forum on to this forum
if he don’t send that we most make it archive i guess

Well I do no want to recreate the users. Just drop all content for archive only


Thx agn, Naz! Let me know where/how to donate, perhaps in PM.

After we have data safely under our (BJS Community) roof, then we have relaxed time to invent/decide ways to use/search/present it. And then Wingnut will chew fingernails less. :slight_smile:

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under 12 hours i share app and start converted in German server
i need help for have all data for do it fast

Sorry, I don’t understand. Maybe not for me. I can send SOME money, and/or a Seagate external drive… or maybe booze or pot. :slight_smile: Need in-Germany coder? DB expert? Need someone to talk-with Rich?

What is “app”? Is app a data collector/storage, or data displayer, or… ? What format is data? HTML?

I’m SO confused. Naz, explain carefully how I/we/others can help (or maybe somebody already understands what Naz needs? Please help explain, thx!)

@JohnK is within 30 km of the database, perhaps? Or maybe only server is in London area… with DB somewhere else? Would database company charge large money to dump to a Seagate external HDD? Or maybe they refuse to share data?

I should have studied data-wrangling more. I’m not very intelligent, but I’m still curious and I want to help, or to help find/pay-for other help. I have extra $100 ready to go somewhere, but maybe that is not enough.

I still don’t know if there was hostility between Rich and somebody. Is anyone angry at anyone? Is that anger blocking our access to direct backups (a mailed, or JohnK-hauled external HDD). Database in different place than servers? Maybe I should just shut yap. heh

I have SO many dumb questions, eh?

i make Json Data in Json File
2 kind of data actuly

  1. topic : user + title + register date + view count+Main Post
    2 . all replyies content in topic + who write that reply + Date
    that is output of a small software i write for convert that data
  • notice if rich give us data that is not necessary
    but correct main db is hard for him so i guess we had this option we make it by this small app

that exactly get all babylon js topics and all activities Bjs members had in site

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app link : http://mirror.5kb.me/BabylonOldForum/Recover%20App.zip

@Deltakosh this is all topic title in Q&A http://mirror.5kb.me/BabylonOldForum/Q%20and%20A%20.topics.zip

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this format is JSON
{ Id , Title , Creator ,ViewCount , ReplyCount }

for next version i import this file and get main post and all reply