Opposite of Bloom - blur dark areas?

So, wanting something weird - a total opposite of bloom. Whereas the bloom blurs high intensity areas and adds them to the buffer, is it possible to blur dark areas instead, and multiply them with the image?

It should be possible but you would need to replicate what the bloom does and change the shaders. As a fast start you could try hacking in the babylon bloom shaders locally to see if it fits your needs.

I already wanted to create postprocesses in the NME and try them with the pipeline and this looked like a good candidate. So I started to create the bloom effect from scratch. It is basically setting some brightness treshold, blur the pixels above that area and merge back. Just a few clicks to finalize it. You basically need to invert the first step. However I am not sure what effect do you exactly want to achieve. Can you show me an image similar to what you want? I will then tune the shaders and share them with you.

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Nice! In the essence I’m trying to replicate a post-process that a customer is doing in Photoshop, which is not unlike the good old soft focus trick (screen/multiply with a blurred version), but only limited to highlights and shadows. I’ll try to get a “public” example

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