White Texture seems overexposure if open bloom post process


Here is the PG: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#JTUL5N#4, where I create a ground and set the diffuseTexture as an white image. When I open the bloom (in my situation, I must open it), the ground seems overexposure ,like the following image shows.

When I close the bloom, the ground seems great. like following image shows.

However, I must open the bloom and I wonder if there any way to prevent the ground seems overexposure?


The ground is white… how is it over exposed?

If you add bloom on a white emissive object the colors overlapped by the bloom are of course going to lighten.

I’m confused by the question.

Maybe just turn off your emissive color on the object?

the edge of the ground seems bloom, but if the texture is not a pure white one, such as rgb=254, not 255, then the edge of the ground will not be bloom

you have a pure white emissive set on the material…

And yes the bloom will go over everything that its next to. 254 is still white btw.

yes, it’s still white, but the edge is right

I dont understand what you are trying to say…

Yes the border will be covered by the bloom, thats what bloom does?

Im not trying to be rude but what you are asking is really confusing

well, it’s my fault. my question is not really clear.
I want to know why the edge seems bloom if the texture rgb=(255,255,255) when I open the bloom postprocess. And if the texture rgb=(254,254,254), the edge will not seems bloom

I think it’s because the luminance threshold is set to 1, so then only the brightest color (255, 255, 255) is bloomed because any other color will be less bright, with a luminance less than 1, and so will be filtered out by the bloom effect.

Maybe confusing the situation, the documentation for DefaultRenderingPipeline’s bloomThreshold property is wrong (it repeats the documentation for bloomWeight). I’ll make a little PR to fix it to be the same as the documentation for the BloomEffect property that it refers to thou. -Edit: here’s the PR. :slight_smile:

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